What better way to commemorate the start of a new school year than with this adorable popsicle stick photo frame. Let the fun begin!




Paint popsicle sticks as follows:

  • Yellow – 6
  • Black – 3
  • Yellow with 3/4 inch from each end painted black – 2

Let dry completely, applying additional coats if necessary. Before black paint dries, coat with glitter, shaking off excess.

To assemble frame, make a box with 2 yellow popsicle sticks on each side, two yellow/black popsicle sticks on top and a stack of 2 yellow and one black popsicle sticks along bottom, securing with craft glue where sticks meet. Let dry completely.

With craft glue, secure red buttons (warning lights) in black squares at top of frame and two pink buttons (headlights) in yellow bottom of frame. Let dry completely.

On an index card, write SCHOOL in all capital letters on top two lines with permanent marker. For license plate, write first and last initials along with school year as YY YY on top line of index card. Cut out both with scissors. Secure SCHOOL to top of frame in between black boxes and secure license plate to bottom black stick with craft glue. Let dry completely.

Affix picture to cardboard using glue stick and secure to back of frame with craft glue. For tires, glue two remaining black popsicle sticks to back of cardboard vertically so that they stick out about 1-inch from bottom of frame. Let dry completely.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: To turn this frame into a magnet, apply two pieces of magnetic strip to the back of the cardboard.