Take your Halloween decor from spooky to frightful with our specially created printable bat template. Who knows where these little friends will hide…

You’ll find yourself going batty with our spooktacular bat template. It includes two different creatures of the night – one traditional and another that’s a little more kid-friendly. The bats can be enlarged when printing or copying to fit your needs and Charlotte even enjoys using the template as a coloring page.

To create a bat-covered wall in our kitchen, we printed the template on cardstock, which we then cut out with scissors. This was used as our guide for tracing the bats onto our black craft paper. We used a silver permanent marker, to ensure that we could see the lines, and then relaxed on the couch with a festive Halloween movie and cut out bats to our little heart’s content. We attached them to the wall with painter’s tape for easy removal.

These bats would also be extra frightful in unexpected places, such as inside a lampshade, on a mirror, in a window or hanging from kitchen lights. Just be sure you don’t scare yourself…too much…


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Use a red glitter marker to give your bats some extra creepy eyes.


Feel free to download this specially created bat template!