Beaded garland is a quick and easy way to customize your holiday decor. Charlotte chose pink (her favorite color) with a pearl accent to decorate her Christmas tree.


  • Plastic beads in assorted sizes (we used ones that are light pink)
  • 16mm imitation pearls (we used ones that are white)
  • Small bowls/plates
  • 1mm clear stretch cord
  • Scissors


Sort beads and pearls by like sizes into separate bowls.

Leaving cord on spool, thread beads and pearls in desired pattern. Our pattern consisted of beads going from large to short then back to large again with each section separated by a pearl.

Once all beads and pearls have been strung, cut cord from spool. Secure each end by looping cord through and around a bead then tying a knot.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Depending on how big the hole is in your beads and pearls, we suggest using a plastic needle like these, especially with kiddos’ little hands.