Putting up a Christmas tree is the perfect way to start the holiday season. Grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and put some Christmas tunes on the radio because we’re gonna share our favorite tips and ideas for decorating a tree.

Other than our countdown calendar, which comes out of it’s box on October 1st, putting up a Christmas tree is almost always how we welcome the most wonderful time of the year in our home. Rob has decorated many a tree over the years and we’ve complied some of his favorites tips and ideas here:


  • Begin by releasing all of the branches of the trees so that they’re facing out. Starting at the bottom, fluff the branches by separating the tips until you’ve reached the top. The goal is to fill as much space as possible with the branches.
  • Work in small sections when fluffing the tree to ensure you don’t miss any branches.
  • Angling the branches up slightly helps give the tree a more natural look.
  • If you’re placing your tree in a corner, fold up the tips of the branches so that the tree sits more flush against the wall. Depending on how far in the corner you’d like your tree to sit, you could even leave the branches folded in. No one will ever know the difference.
  • Level the base of your tree before you place lights or ornaments on. We’ve been known to use pretty much anything (such as decks of playing cards) to accomplish this.


  • While they’re not always easy to find, we prefer trees that are not pre-lit because, inevitably, the lights will begin to burn out at some point. This allows us to string the lights on ourselves.
  • To string the lights, we wrap them around the end of each branch, from one side to the other. We then string them all the way into the center. This gives the tree a nice full coverage of lights.
  • If your tree is in the corner, don’t focus so much on lights along the backside since nobody will see it.
  • To ensure there aren’t sections of the tree without lights, we’ll stand back and squint while looking at the tree. Do this until you see little pins of lights. It sounds crazy but it’s a great way to catch any spots without lights.


  • We like to store our ornaments in plastic storage containers, with each ornament individually wrapped in white tissue paper. You would think this would cause the ornaments to break easily but we have very few breakages every year.
  • All of the ornaments are stored so that those at the top of the tote are the larger ones that will be placed towards the bottom of the tree. The further down in the tote you go, the further up the tree the ornaments belong.
  • While the beautiful metal ornament hooks are lovely, we use plain green plastic hooks instead. They offer more support for the ornaments and blend in better with the tree. However, we always keep a small handful of metal hooks available for those ornaments that the plastic ones won’t work with.
  • If you have an ornament that breaks, keep the cap and spring wire hanger, if there is one. That way you always have a backup, if necessary.
  • We love the look of blown glass ornaments on a tree. They give a real retro feel (which we’re all about) and there’s so many fun ones to choose from.

Finishing Touches:

  • While tree collars are all the rage, we feel that tree skirts bring more of a classic look.
  • Tinsel is a great way to add a little sparkle to your tree. It also drives home that retro look. Starting at the top of the tree, place the tinsel along the edges of the branches, using as much or as little as you like.
  • While tinsel is beautiful, it’s not pet friendly. We would suggest skipping this step for the safety of your animal family members.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: If you’re limited with the amount of space you have available for a Christmas tree, look for a slim or pencil tree. They keep the height of wider trees but fit into tinier spaces much better.