Your drink will be the best dressed with these super fun drink toppers. Trust us – everyone will want to know who they’re wearing.



Place drinking glass on pegboard to determine width of drink topper.

Following the picture above as a pattern, place fuse beads on pegboard, leaving a circle in middle for straw. On a flat, heat-resistant surface, place parchment paper over pegboard and fuse using an iron on medium setting. Work in circular motions until beads have fused, approximately 15-20 seconds. Allow topper to cool completely. Remove parchment paper and topper from the pegboard.

Turn topper over and place parchment paper on top. Work in circular motions with iron, approximately 10-15 seconds. Allow topper to cool completely, then remove parchment paper.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: To turn these drink toppers into coasters, fill in the middle hole with fuse beads. Then glue a slightly smaller round piece of cork to the bottom using super glue or other adhesive.