Natural home care products are a green way to keep your home clean. Our lemon all-purpose cleaner helps disinfect while ensuring your home smells fresh.



Cut lemons into wedges and place in mason jars. Repeat with additional lemons until jars are full. Add enough vinegar to each jar to reach rim and return lid and band. Seal tightly and set aside in cool, dark location for 2 weeks.

Insert funnel in mouth of spray bottle. Line funnel with coffee filter and strainer. Remove band and lid from mason jars and carefully pour cleaner liquid into funnel. If necessary, carefully squeeze excess liquid out of coffee filter through funnel. Remove funnel from bottle once all liquid has worked through. Return sprayer to bottle and seal tightly.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Reuse the lemons in the mason jars by adding fresh vinegar and resealing for another two weeks.