Playing Dreidel is as much a part of Hanukkah as the menorah and potato latkes. Grab yourself a Dreidel, some chocolate gelt and let’s play.

Legend has it that the game of Dreidel was developed hundreds of years ago in Eastern Europe. When the Jews were in seclusion, they used the game of Dreidel as a decoy to hide their Torah scrolls. Today, Drediel has become a fun game of chance.

How to Play Dreidel:

  • Each player starts with 10-15 game pieces, such as chocolate gelt, pennies or nuts.
  • Everyone puts one game pice onto the center “pot.”
  • One at a time, each player spins the Dreidel. If it lands on נ‎ (nun), you do nothing. If it lands on ג‎ (gimbal), you win everything in the pot. If it lands on ה‎ (hei), you get half the pot (which is rounded up to the nearest number if the pot has an off number of pieces in it). If it lands on ש‎ (shin), you put one of your game pieces into the pot.
  • Every player puts one piece into the pot if it has one piece or less in it.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Chocolate gelt can be typically be found in stores closer to Hanukkah.