These simple, rustic-looking ornaments are a festive way to customize your Christmas tree. Need a quick gift idea? Your answer is right here, too.


  • 3-inch wooden round embroidery hoops (we used these)
  • Small pieces of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Twine


Loosen brass adjustment screw of embroidery hoop to separate rings. Cut a piece of fabric 1-2 inches larger than smaller ring. Lay fabric on top of smaller ring and replace larger ring to it’s original position. Tighten adjustment screw to secure fabric, ensuring it stays taut while doing so. Trim excess fabric from back side of embroidery hoop using scissors.

Cut desired length of twine and thread through opening under adjustment screw. Secure ends with a knot and tie a bow. Cut excess twine.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Check your local fabric or craft store for fabric remnants. They typically provide just the right amount of fabric to make a handful of these ornaments.