Have a kitchen fit for a chef with our specially created Essential Spices List. It’s printable, too.

Spices can take a meal from good to out of this world with little effort at all. However, deciding which spices to have on hand can be a little challenging. We’ve created this list with our suggestions for a well-stocked spice rack. While you may need to make adjustments based on how often you cook at home and what type of cuisine you prefer, this list can be used as a starting point for a true chef’s kitchen.

You can find the recipe for our very own Orange & Field Signature Seasoning here.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: If you don’t use much of a particular spice but like to have it on hand, we suggest purchasing the smallest container possible. Keep in mind that ground spices typically lose their freshness after about 6 months while whole spices are good for up to 5 years.


Feel free to download this specially created essential spices list!