Antique store treasures can be the perfect inspiration and tools for your seasonal decor. When decorating our home for fall, Rob found a great way to use two recent finds.

We like to think of antique stores as our homes away from home. Over the years we’ve found so many incredible treasures at them, many of which we use still use on a daily basis. We always find a wealth of home decor items and two of our recent finds were a beautiful stoneware bowl and a lovely apple floral spray. While we didn’t have plans for them at the time, we knew we couldn’t pass them up.

When planning how we wanted to incorporate the autumn season into our current home decor, Rob had the fantastic idea to use these two antique store finds to create something ideal. Apples, along with pumpkins, are an icon of the season. However, they’re sometimes overlooked in favor of the more traditional pumpkins, gourds and fall-colored leaves. What better time of year to use this harvest bounty than now.

Rob began by taking the basic floral spray and adding stems of fall leaves, working out from the center. This was followed by a few stems of petite yellow and red flowers. Once Rob was happy with how it looked, he secured the stems to the spray using floral wire. Since it wasn’t going outside, there was no need to overly secure everything.

Rob left space in the middle of the spray for a bow, and did we ever find the most perfect ribbon for it. Another antique store find was some absolutely beautiful red toile wired ribbon. If we remember right, we think Rob might’ve verbally gasped when he saw it. He created the bow by doing the following:

  • He unrolled a good amount of ribbon from the spool.
  • After this, he created a small loop with the end of the ribbon. This was the center loop.
  • He began making larger loops on either side of the center loop, increasing in size the more loops he added, and pinching them in the center. He made four smaller-sized loops on each side of the center loop and two larger-sized ones. Since our ribbon was one-sided, he had to twist the ribbon each time he created a loop so that the design was always facing out.
  • To make the tails of the bow, he created one more slightly larger loop, still pinching in the center, and he cut the ribbon just past where where he was pinching.
  • He inserted floral wire through the center loop and wrapped it around to the back. Then he tightly twisted the wire together a few times to secure the loops.
  • The bow was secured to the spray by placing it in the middle and wrapping the wire around it.
  • To fluff the bow, he rearranged and stretched the loops and then cut the tail loops in half. The loops were then trimmed at a diagonal and the bow was given one final fluff.

Once the spray was done, it was time to create a matching floral arrangement using the stoneware bowl.

Rob began by inserting a block of floral foam into the bowl, which he secured with glue on the bottom. Next came the fun part. He inserted stems of flowers and leaves, in those wonderful fall hues, into the foam, angling them out so that they rested along the edge of the bowl. After this, he inserted more into the center of the floral foam to give the arrangement some height. Since we wanted the focal point to be the apples, Rob didn’t use an excessive amount of florals. It was really just enough to fill the bottom of the arrangement and any open spaces around the apples he was going to add.

For the apples, Rob inserted wired wooden floral picks into the center of foam artificial apples. This made inserting them into the foam that much easier. Again, working from the edge of the bowl up, the apples were added and our arrangement was nearly complete. Any empty spots around the apples were filled in with a few more stems of flowers and leaves.

Instead of a traditional bow, Rob took a length of the toile ribbon and created a decent-size loop with the end of it. He then crafted a single tail by having the remaining ribbon go up the back of the loop. The bottom of the loop was wrapped around a wooden floral pick using the wire that was attached to it. Then the loops (three to be exact) were inserted into the foam, as well.

We had the perfect spot for Rob’s fall creations – on top of and above our Crosley console radio and record player.

While these were created with treasures from an antique store, the same can be done with items you find at nearly any retailer. Even something brand new can be customized to become the perfect addition to your home.

That being said, antique store finds really are the best.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Taking items that are not seasonal and turning them into something that is, can be a wonderful way to use everyday finds.