Bring the beauty of fall into your home with a handmade wreath that celebrates the season. We’ll share step-by-step how we created this lovely entryway addition.

While we, like many others, love winter, we think it’s pretty safe to say that fall is probably the most beautiful time of year. What better way to welcome it into your home than with a handmade wreath that utilizes the bounty of the season.

We typically begin most of our wreath-making with a grapevine one as the base and this fall wreath is no different. If anything, using grapevine actually enhances the look of this wreath because of how naturally it blends with the traditional fall colors. They’re easy to use and can be repurposed season after season.

A great way to create more of a “wow” factor is by adding height to your wreath. Doing so takes a simple round wreath and makes more of a statement. Here we gave the illusion of height by inserting larger leaf and mini pumpkin stems into the top of our wreath.

When arranging flowers and leaves on a wreath, we like to work in a zig zag pattern to avoid placing the same stems right next to one another. Since our wreath is celebrating the beauty of the season, we wanted to ensure we featured leaves, in traditional fall style, a little on the heavier side. They’re also great to fill in any empty holes you find when putting the finishing touches on your wreath. Fill it up. You can never really have too much (or too little) on a wreath like this. That’s what’s so great about making your own wreath. You can customize it however you desire.

We chose to use the basic fall colors of orange, yellow and red as our inspiration and carried that through the florals (such as sunflowers, mums and dahlias) and the ribbon that we used.

Little touches like mini pomegranates and gourds are great ways to add dimension to your wreath. When using loose decorations, like gourds, insert a wired wood stick into it’s bottom or backside to assist when placing them on your wreath.

We, of course, ended with a beautiful handmade bow made of a warm-orange, wired-trim burlap ribbon that we found at our local craft store. While it can be intimidating, bows are actually really easy to make. Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to make one:

  • To create the center loop, curl the ribbon and pinch it at the base.
  • Begin making larger loops on either side of the center loop, increasing in size the more loops you add, and pinch it in the center. We did five loops on each side of the center loop.
  • To make the tails of the bow, we created two large loops on the opposite side of the center loops, still pinching in the center. Cut the ribbon just past where you’re pinching.
  • Insert floral wire or a pipe cleaner through the center loop and wrap around to the back. Tightly twist the wire together a few times to secure the loops.
  • Cut your tail loops in half and then trim them at a diagonal.
  • Begin fluffing your bow by rearranging and stretching the loops.
  • Secure the bow to your wreath by placing it where you desire and wrapping the wire around a few strands of grapevine. Trim off any excess wire.
  • Give your bow a final fluff.

Rob also demonstrates how to easily make a bow in the video below, as well.

Here’s a few more tips:

  • Fluff your leaves and flowers as you insert them into your wreath to give yourself a better vision of the end product. It also makes it easier to do it as you go versus having to go back at the very end.
  • If you love your wreath so much that you want to display it year after year, use a little hot glue to secure everything in place.
  • Be sure to add your florals and leaves along the side of your wreath, as well.

While store-bought wreaths are beautiful, what better way to welcome fall than with a handmade creation.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Bring the wreath’s beauty further into your home with a matching floral or tabletop arrangement.