A beautiful centerpiece can be the star of your Fall table and we’re showing you how easy it is to create your very own at home.

If you know us then you know how much we love decorating our home for the seasons. The moment September 1st shows up on our calendar, the Fall decorations start to come out. A simple pumpkin here…a handful of leaves there. Who are we kidding? We love to go all out with wreaths, floral arrangements and a show-stopping centerpiece that welcomes you as soon as you enter.

The inspiration for this centerpiece was a bronze circular tray we found at a local antique store. As soon as we saw it, we knew that it would be the perfect focal point for our dining room table. It’s large enough to hold a good-sized pumpkin in the middle with plenty of extra space for leaves and flowers. Honestly, a tray of any shape will work but make sure it’s able to house all of the beautiful Fall touches you’ll be adding.

When you think of Fall colors, the ones that typically come to mind are your reds and oranges and yellows and browns. We knew from the get-go that we wanted to try and steer clear of those as much as possible so off to our local craft store we went. The Fall florals were out in all their glory and they were absolutely stunning. We decided to keep the color scheme in more earth tones, such as cream, walnut brown, white and olive green. We found some jaw-dropping deep burgundy sunflowers. My goodness, they were gorgeous! We grabbed a few leaves, a handful of baby pumpkin stems and a perfectly-sized larger cream pumpkin and we were good to go. Obviously, match your centerpiece to your taste but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something different. Different is good!

We started constructing our centerpiece by placing a large green styrofoam wreath in our tray. Since the large pumpkin was going in the middle, we needed to prop it up so that you could see it once all of the florals had been added. We used a few styrofoam discs stacked on top one another until we reached a height we were happy with.

The next step was to add the greenery. We found an assortment of magnolia leaves in three different colors and used them as the base. We arranged them down into the foam wreath facing both outward and toward the pumpkin. This allowed for better coverage, especially since they were on the larger side. A small bit of eucalyptus was added for a touch of green.

Moving onto the flowers – we used three striking varieties – large white mums, small peach dahlias and those gorgeous sunflowers we mentioned earlier. They were placed in between the magnolia leaves and eucalyptus with the sunflowers prominently featured. Honestly, any type of flower in any color would work. Again, design the centerpiece with your taste, decor and desired end product in mind.

We finished off with a handful of maple leaves made of a luxurious velvet that perfectly matched our sunflowers, along with a few small cream pumpkin stems. With that, our centerpiece was done in just about 15 minutes. We were absolutely thrilled with how it turned out and it truly is the perfect focal point for our table. Don’t let floral design intimidate you – it’s much easier than you realize. There’s no rules – only an endless number of possibilities and a world full of ideas.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: This same centerpiece can be made using fresh flowers. Just be sure to use a waterproof tray and Oasis floral foam instead of styrofoam.