This graveyard worthy wreath showcases the florals of the spooky Halloween season…well, dead florals. We have a bone-chilling feeling that this wreath will be to die for.

Halloween is a time to let out your inner ghoul and conjure up your most devilish ideas. We love this spooky season because it gives us a chance to add a creepier touch to our holiday decor. We did just that here with, what we like to call, our Halloween (Dead) Floral Wreath.

We started by spray painting a standard grapevine wreath. Of course, black was selected as the color of choice.

Right from the get-go, we knew we wanted the color scheme to be primarily black with a touch of dark purple in the form of dahlias. The black “florals” consisted of various stems of leaves and branches, including some with a sprinkling of glitter. The only prerequisite was that we didn’t use black roses on the wreath. While they’re readily available this time of year, we wanted to try and use florals that were a little more unexpected.

Rob followed his standard bow making technique (which you can find the steps for here) for our spooky Halloween wreath, with two exceptions. First, he layered two different ribbons together. The bottom was white and the top layer was a beautiful black sheer ribbon with a hint of glitter. Both ribbons also featured a spiderweb design throughout. The second change was that the tails of the bow jetted out to the left and right instead of hanging down in the middle.

All in all, we were incredibly happy (er…unhappy?) with how this ghastly wreath turned out. It’s a picture-perfect addition to our more not-so-spooky holiday furnishings.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Small ornamental skulls, covered with purple or black glitter, would be a ghoulish accent on this wreath.