These adorable doily heart treat pouches are a fabulous alternative to your traditional kids’ valentines. Make enough for the whole class (or family and friends) and we guarantee they’ll fall in love with the idea.



Decorate two heart doilies of the same size using desired color permanent marker.

Unspool a couple feet of yarn and thread through plastic sewing needle. Place doilies on top of one another, decorated sides facing out. Thread yarn down through upper center hole and back up through next hole on the left. Continue this pattern around 3/4 of your heart using a running stitch, unspooling additional yarn if necessary.

Fill pouch with desired treats, being careful not to overfill. Continue stitching until all outer holes have been filled and yarn has been threaded up through final hole of doilies. Cut yarn from spool, leaving enough to tie a bow. Tie bow and trim excess yarn.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Be cautious when selecting your heart doilies. Look for ones that aren’t too thin, otherwise they’ll rip as you thread the yarn through the holes. Also, make sure they have holes large enough to thread the yarn through. We found the ones we used at Target and they’re almost like a cardstock version of a heart doily.