This kids DIY is two of our favorite things: adorable and easy-to-make. Charlotte especially loves the little baby mummy pumpkin.




Remove any debris from exterior of pumpkin. Spray with black spray paint, repeating with additional coats until entire surface of pumpkin is coated. Let dry completely.

Unroll desired length of white crepe paper streamer and cut in half with scissors to create two strips. Apply dab of glue to end of streamer strip and place on bottom of pumpkin, holding in place until dry. Begin wrapping streamer around pumpkin in various directions, ensuring you leave some of the black of the pumpkin exposed for appearance and so that you have a place to affix googly wiggle eyes. If necessary, apply an additional light dab of glue in areas where streamer begins to slide. Secure end of streamer to pumpkin with another dab of glue, holding in place until dry.

Place two googly wiggle eyes on pumpkin and press until secure.


STAY SAFE: Please ensure this DIY is done in a well-ventilated area.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: While we used real pumpkins, you could absolutely use foam ones. Doing so will allow you to display your mummy pumpkins year after year.