Let little artists use Mother Nature as their muse for this simple (but really fun) kids art craft.



Using a pencil, draw desired tree trunk and branches design onto brown construction paper. Cut out with scissors.

Spread glue stick on back of trunk cutout and position along bottom short edge of cardstock. Let dry completely. If desired, draw decorative design onto tree trunk using permanent marker.

Cut a 4-inch strip of green construction paper. Cut a short fringe along one long edge of strip. Fold strip in half lengthwise and attach along bottom short edge of cardstock using glue stick. Let dry completely. Trim off excess green paper.

Position leaves and flowers in desired locations along branches of tree then secure with craft glue. Let dry completely.

Have the artist sign their artwork using permanent marker.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Look for leaves that are flat to make securing them to the paper that much easier. You could also flatten the leaves by placing them in-between pages of a heavy book.