These cute little ears of corn are a huge hit in our home. The best part – they’re made with just two supplies.


  • 3 tan pipe cleaners
  • Pony beads in brown, orange, red, white and yellow


Fold each pipe cleaner in half. Twist the centers of the pipe cleaners around each other to secure them. Arrange pipe cleans into a star design.

Thread pony beads in desired colors on each pipe cleaner half, leaving space at the top (we placed about 13 beads on each pipe cleaner half).

Once all beads are threaded, pull pipe cleaner halves upward so ends meet. Twist pipe cleaners just above beads.

Separate pipe cleaners at top to create silks.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: While we used traditional fall and harvest corn colors, let the kiddos customize their corn by using any color beads they’d like. How fun with a pink, white and red ear of corn be? (That’s Charlotte’s idea)