Kiddos will love showing off their patriotism with this adorable popsicle stick American flag. They’re sure to feel like a true Yankee Doodle boy or girl.




Using a ruler, measure and mark halfway on four popsicle sticks. Wrap a short length of painter’s tape around each popsicle stick along pencil line.

Paint one side and edges of 2 popsicle sticks with red acrylic paint. Paint larger exposed wood section on 2 tape-wrapped popsicle sticks with red paint. Repeat previous steps with white paint on remaining popsicle sticks. Let dry completely.

Remove painter’s tape from popsicle sticks. Paint exposed wood with blue paint. Let dry completely.

Brush a thin layer of craft glue onto one side of cardboard. Arrange painted popsicle sticks on cardboard in flag design, reserving one white popsicle stick. Let dry completely. Flip flag over on work surface and place a line of craft glue down right side along edge. Position reserved popsicle stick on craft glue to create pole for flag. Let dry completely.

Flip flag back over to right side. Using a narrow tip paintbrush, paint stars in desired locations in blue square. Let dry completely.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: You can also use jumbo craft sticks like these. Just be sure to adjust the size of your cardboard rectangle to match, if necessary.