It’s so easy to take a standard foam pumpkin and turn it into a truly spectacular arrangement. Allow us to share the tips for how we made ours.

Pumpkins are the quintessential fall icon. No matter where you look during the autumn season, you’re guaranteed to find pumpkin-something. There’s a reason for that, though. We automatically associate pumpkins with fall and fall with warm and cozy feelings. When decorating for this beautiful time of year, we love to incorporate pumpkins wherever we can to enhance the (already) warm and cozy feeling in our home. This year, we wanted to try something we’ve never done before…a floral arrangement IN a pumpkin. Here’s how we did it:

We began with a hollow foam pumpkin that you can typically find at most retailers during this time of year. We chose a white pumpkin to provide a nice contrast to the more typical red, yellow and orange fall colors. Using a standard jack-o-lantern carving kit, we cut a decent-size circle into the top of the pumpkin. We removed the cut piece and dusted away any debris from the cut sides.

After the hole was cut, we next hot glued pieces of styrofoam into our pumpkin to insert our floral stems into.

Now for the fun part. It was time to begin the floral aspect of our arrangement. We selected a beautiful assortment of flowers in cream, khaki, white and even burlap to compliment our pumpkin nicely.

We started our arrangement by creating height using about four or five longer floral stems, which we inserted into the center of the styrofoam. After we were happy with the height, we began inserting additional floral stems of various lengths. These we placed at an angle so that they rested along the cut edge of the pumpkin. We worked our way up from there, filling in open spaces with more flowers to create a nice full arrangement.

We used a nice assortment of florals, including:

  • Hops
  • Hydrangeas
  • Mums
  • Roses

We also found a couple of cute glittered foam mini pumpkins that were a perfect fit for the arrangement. We inserted a wired wooden floral pick into the bottom of each pumpkin and then found just the right spot to nestle them into the flowers.

We knew we wanted to incorporate the lid into our arrangement, as well. To do so, we inserted (and hot glued) a wooden floral pick into the back side of the lid we had cut out of the pumpkin. The pick was placed into the styrofoam so that the lid rested on the side of the pumpkin.

With that, our arrangement was complete, and we were absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. It’s wonderful to find new ways to use pieces you typically decorate your home with for the seasons. While we chose a white pumpkin and corresponding florals, the same can be done with any color pumpkin and flowers. Imagine a black pumpkin and black roses for Halloween. Maybe cover it with a few “cobwebs”. Spooky…

Another handmade creation is in the books and, not that we’re biased, we think it’s one of the best ones yet.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Always keep a small bowl of ice water handy when working with a glue gun. In the event you wind up getting hot glue on your fingers, dip them into the water to help solidify (and remove it) faster.