Carving a pumpkin is a quintessential part of Halloween and it’s actually the way we welcome the holiday in our home. Let us share how we bring our pumpkin friend, Jack, to life.




Using a pumpkin carving tool or serrated knife, carefully cut a large circle around the stem of the pumpkin. Remove top of pumpkin and brush off any foam debris with your hands.

Select which side of the pumpkin you prefer to carve. We suggest using a side that’s flatter, if possible. Place Jack-O’-Lantern Template on side you’ll be carving and secure with painter’s tape. Transfer template to pumpkin by tracing along black lines with a straight pin that you press into the foam. Once complete, carefully remove template from pumpkin.

Cut along traced lines on pumpkin using carving tool. Remove any foam debris with your hands. If desired, use carving tool to remove any cut areas with excess foam remaining.

Carve a small hole in the lower back side of the pumpkin, just large enough to partially insert light cord socket. Remove any foam debris with your hands.

If desired, cut pieces of yellow tissue paper large enough to cover cut eyes, nose and mouth sections. Secure to inside of pumpkin using straight pins inserted at an angle, ensuring they don’t go through pumpkin.

Partially insert light cord socket into carved hole in lower back side of pumpkin. Screw LED lightbulb into socket.

Return lid to top of pumpkin and hot glue artificial leaves to area near stem, if desired. Let dry completely.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: While some of these steps can be used with a real pumpkin, we prefer to use foam craft ones because they’re guaranteed to last until Halloween and can be reused year after year.



Feel free to download this specially created template to use when carving your pumpkin!