It’s almost a requirement that a Florida home somehow incorporate seashells into their Christmas decor. We think this chic seashell tree is the perfect way to bring a bit of the beach home for the holidays.



Trace bottom of cone onto a sheet of tissue paper with a pencil. Cut out with scissors. Apply a thin layer of craft glue over entire bottom of cone and attach tissue paper round. Let dry completely.

Apply a line of hot glue just above bottom of cone long enough for about 4 bubble shells. Attach shells so they hang over the edge of cone. Let dry completely. Repeat with remainder of row. Working up cone, repeat previous steps with additional rows, positioning shells so they slightly overlap shells underneath them.

To create star, arrange 5 common American auger shells in a half-sun arrangement. Place a dollop of hot glue in center to connect them. Let dry completely. Arrange 4 smaller common American auger shells on one side of arrangement and place additional hot glue to secure. Repeat on opposite side. Place small dollop of hot glue at bottom of half sun arrangement and attach scallop shell to cover glue. Repeat on opposite side.

Place a large dollop of hot glue on top of cone and attach star. If necessary, use additional smaller bubble shells around star to hide exposed styrofoam.

Apply a layer of hot glue on top of candleholder and attach to bottom of cone. Let dry completely.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Bubble shells can sometimes be found in different colors. This would be a great way to customize the tree to your decor and decorations.