Not all wreaths need to be big and elaborate. A simple, chic wreath like this can be a beautiful and sophisticated addition to any home.




Remove flowers from stem, using wire cutters to cut them off, if necessary. Set aside.

Lay embroidery hoop flat on work surface with screw section at the top. Wrap floral wire around end of greenery stem multiple times. Using the same wire, secure to bottom right side of embroidery hoop by wrapping around hoop with greenery facing outward. Trim excess wire and repeat previous steps with another greenery stem on left side. Further secure greenery by wrapping floral tape around stems and floral wire.

Cut length of floral wire and create loop. Wrap loop around bottom of flower, twisting to secure. Wrap wire around bottom of hoop in desired location to secure flower. Repeat previous steps with remaining flowers, adjusting arrangement as needed. Wrap wire from flowers with additional floral tape.

Cut length of twine and create loop. Thread loop around screw of embroidery hoop and tie knot at ends to secure.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: The flowers and greenery can be customized to any season or holiday. Since we’re not gluing anything to the embroidery hoop, you can also switch it out throughout the year.