This rustic standing wreath brings the beauty of a winter forest into your home. Natural grapevine with majestic reindeer positioned regally in the center make this a stunning centerpiece everyone will love.


  • Grapevine wreaths – one round and one oval
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Decorative item(s) for center of wreath (we used metal reindeer)
  • Pine or evergreen floral sprays (we used about 4 sprays total)
  • White poinsettia floral sprays
  • Wire cutters
  • Small pinecones
  • Ice-covered branch sprays
  • LED fairy string lights


Place oval wreath flat on work surface. Thread a long length of floral wire through side and into center of both ends of oval wreath. Place a large dollop of hot glue on oval wreath above where wire is thread through. Stand round wreath in center of oval wreath and secure with previously-threaded floral wire. Add additional hot glue where wreaths meet, as needed. Let dry completely. If wreath is too wobbly, thread another length of floral wire through both wreaths at each end, if necessary.

Place hot glue on bottom of decorative item wherever it will touch wreath. Position item in desired location and secure with additional hot glue, if necessary. Let dry completely. Repeat with any additional items you’ll be placing in center.

If desired, trim excess grapevine from wreaths that may be sticking out too much.

Place a dollop of hot glue on stems of floral sprays and position in oval wreath along inner edge of round wreath. Add additional hot glue to secure, if necessary. Let dry completely then fluff sprays.

Cut poinsettias from floral sprays with wire cutters so that part of the stems are intact. Place a small bit of hot glue on stems and secure in oval wreath in desired locations. Attach small pinecones to oval wreath with a little dab of hot glue.

Thread both ends of branch sprays into oval wreath along outer edges. Thread additional branch sprays into center of oval wreath to hide any exposed hot glue and to create a “forest floor” for your decorative item(s). Add additional pinecones, if desired.

Weave fairy lights through floral sprays and around center decorative item(s). Tuck battery pack into center of oval wreath.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: We used reindeer in the center but a snowman or small decorative houses would be a perfect substitute and still give a rustic feel.


Standing Wreath segment begins at 46 seconds.