You’ll always have the sunshine of your life close to you with this adorable tote bag. Not only will you love it but the kiddos will have a great time making it.


  • White fabric tote bag
  • Cardboard (make sure it’s large enough to fit in the tote bag)
  • Acrylic paint in yellow and orange
  • Paper plate
  • Brush
  • Permanent marker


Place cardboard inside tote bag to prevent paint from bleeding through fabric to the back of the bag.

Paint a yellow circle in the middle of the tote bag with a brush, leaving enough space around it for handprints. Place a generous amount of orange paint on a paper plate. Have your child place one hand in the paint and gently place it on the bag next to the yellow circle to create rays of sunshine. Press down slightly on their hand to ensure you receive a good handprint. Slowly have your child lift their hand off of the bag. Continue all around the circle. Let dry completely then remove cardboard from the bag.

Have your child sign their artwork with a permanent marker.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: The larger the tote bag, the more hands you can fit around the circle. If the bag is large enough, you could even create a few different rows of handprint rays of sunshine.