There’s nothing better for a chef than having delicious, fresh herbs available at their fingertips. Make your inner chef smile with this at-home tabletop herb garden.


  • 1 terracotta low bowl
  • 1 terracotta saucer
  • Small river rocks
  • 6 small terracotta pots
  • Fresh herbs plants
  • Potting soil


Place the low bowl on the saucer and fill halfway with river rocks. Place five of the small pots, facing out at an angle, in a circular pattern inside the low bowl. Fill any remaining open spaces along the outer edge with river rocks. Nestle the final small pot in the center in between the angled pots. Fill in any remaining holes around the top pot with river rocks.

Transfer the herbs to the small pots and add additional potting soil, as needed.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: Be sure to select a nice variety of both sweet and savory herbs for all of your cooking needs.