If you love antique stores as much as we do, you’ll know how hard it is to pass up vintage teacups. Don’t – we have the perfect gift idea.




Place industrial strength adhesive on bottom of teacup and center on saucer. Let dry completely.

Create wick supports by taping together the end of two wood dowels and sliding wick in between. Tape together other side of the dowels. Place wick in center of teacup so that the metal base sits flush on bottom of cup. If necessary, carefully separate dowels to assist in positioning wick. Using painter’s tape, secure wood dowels to top of teacup handle.

Place parafin wax in large measuring up. Place measuring cup in double boiler and melt on high heat until fully melted and clear. If desired, add essential oil and dye, according to package instructions or personal preference. Stir essential oil and dye into melted wax with an additional wood dowel.

Carefully remove measuring cup from double boiler and slowly pour into teacup, leaving top 1/4 inch of cup unfilled. If making additional candles, return measuring cup to double boiler to further melt wax.

Let wax dry completely, about 4-6 hours. Trim wick at wood dowel clamp and remove painter’s tape from teacup handle.


STAY SAFE: Be sure to use extra caution with the melted parafin wax and when using the double boiler.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: The recommended amount of essential oils for candlemaking is 35-40 drops per 3 ounces of solid wax.