Charlotte loves accessorizing her outfits with brooches. They’re a simple way to dress up your wardrobe for the season and homemade ones, like these, are sure to be a big hit.


  • Felt in orange and red
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Pin back
  • Artificial fall leaves in various sizes
  • Brown wooden beads
  • Goggly wiggle eyes
  • Artificial berries


Cut two circles from red felt, one about 1-inch in diameter and another about 1/4-inch smaller. Using hot glue, attach smaller felt circle to side of pin back facing clasp. Let dry completely. Attach larger felt circle to other side of pin back using hot glue. Set aside.

To layer leaves, begin with largest leaf. Place a small dot of hot glue at base of leaf and position another leaf of the same size on top, angling out to the left. Repeat, angling leaf out to the right. Repeat previous steps, using leaves decreasing in size, until you’ve reached the desired number of leaves.

Attach pin back to back of leaf arrangement using hot glue. Let dry completely.

For turkey brooch:

Create the body of the turkey with a round brown bead for the head and a long, narrow bead for the body. Attach them together with a small dot of hot glue. Let dry completely. Using hot glue, attach two small wiggly eyes to round bead. Cut a small beak from orange felt and a small waddle from red felt. Glue to round bead under eyes.

Attach back of turkey to front of leaf arrangement using hot glue.

For berry brooch:

Hot glue three berries to front of leaf arrangement in desired locations to create a cluster.


ORANGE & FIELD TIP: A simple, homemade item like this would make a great gift for teachers.