Using an antique linen as inspiration, we created a beautiful centerpiece in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner. Gather ’round the table as we share how we brought it to life.

One of the most anticipated parts of Thanksgiving is the delicious meal…so it would seem fitting that one of the most important parts of Thanksgiving would be the table we enjoy the meal at. A centerpiece in the middle of the table is a simple way to bring the warmth of the holiday to life.

We started with an antique linen that belonged to Howard’s grandmother. We’re unsure of exactly how old it is and it does have a few stains here and there. However, those stains don’t bother us. We think of all of the meals and good times these passed-down linens have seen and about all of the memories they’ve been a part of. The linen has been carefully pressed and is in place on the dining room table.

We decided to use our Pumpkin Arrangement as the focal point of the centerpiece. We loved how the gold, silver and white weren’t your traditional autumnal colors and they complimented the antique linen well. Pumpkins in these same beautiful colors were arranged, in no particular order, around the pumpkin, keeping everything towards the center of the table as much as possible.

It’s great to incorporate items you already have into your seasonal decor and we found these stems of artificial ivy tucked away in storage. We knew they’d make a perfect addition to the centerpiece. They were arrange around the pumpkins, including the arrangement in the middle. We even added a few short stems of ivy into the pumpkin arrangement to tie everything together.

To add a little whimsy, we tucked a strand of fairy lights into the ivy. They’re a fun accent and look absolutely stunning in the evening when the house is a little darker. Of course, you have to hide the battery pack from wandering eyes.

Finishing touches were added with floral stems of cream-colored roses and mums. White magnolia stems, which we didn’t have on hand, would be a beautiful addition, as well. These stems were tucked into the ivy to hide any open holes and add a little bit of height along the sides.

In just a few minutes, our centerpiece was complete. We brought our toughest critic (a.k.a. Charlotte) in for final approval and thumbs up were given. She even pointed our her favorite part – the fairy lights.

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: A cornucopia (like the one we made here) would be a stunning centerpiece addition, as well.