Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pull out the china and fancy silverware for family and friends. We’ll share step-by-step how to set the perfect dinner table.

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most anticipated aspects of the holidays. We feel that such an important meal needs an equally impressive table setting. Allow us to share step-by-step how we set our dining room table for this festive celebration.

We like to incorporate antique linens that’ve been passed down through generations (or even found at our favorite antique store) when we start setting the table. The table linen we’re using for this Thanksgiving even has matching napkins, which ties everything together exceptionally well.

In the middle of our table was our Thanksgiving Centerpiece. You can find the inspiration for that beautiful arrangement here.

We start with a dinner plate placed front and center. On top of that is a salad plate and a soup cup with matching saucer. A bread and butter plate is placed in the upper left corner above the dinner plate with a folded napkin on top.


Our silverware begins on the right-hand side of the dinner plate. Starting from left to right, we have our dinner knife (facing toward the plate), teaspoon and soup spoon. On the left side of our dinner plate we have, from right to left, a dinner fork and salad fork. Above our plate, we have a cake fork (prongs facing right) with a dessert spoon above that.

A coffee cup and matching saucer is placed toward the upper right corner above the dinner plate. Just above that are, from right to left, a white wine glass, red wine glass and water glass, all placed at a slight curve.

The remaining available space is where you would place any serving dishes, gravy boat and miscellaneous utensils.

There you have it – the perfect place setting for the perfect meal. We’ve also created a printable table setting guide, which can be found below, so that we can be right there to help you on the big day.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

ORANGE & FIELD TIP: While this place setting is for a more formal dinner, feel free to adjust the setting accordingly to match your family, friends and needs. Regardless of how you arrange it, it’ll still look beautiful.



Feel free to download this specially created table setting guide!